Blackpool Martial Arts Lessons, School of Karate and Kickboxing. Learn self defence, kickboxing, Karate, Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga and Boxing in the lancashire area.  Lessons for children from 3 years old.
Blackpool Martial Arts School. Children and Adults lessons in Karate and Kickboxing. Get fit today, learning modern martial arts (mma) in Blackpool.Whether your looking for a sports in Blackpool for children or Ju Jitsu, XMA, Thai Boxing, Taekwondo or Kung Fu we are the leadering martial arts club as seen in the Karate Kid. FAQ for lessons at the Blackpool Karate and Kickboxing Club.
tel: (01253) 985601
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(3 - 6 YEARS

The Instructors at the Blackpool Karate School
At the Blackpool Karate School, we have professional instructors registered with OFSTED and experienced with supervising young children.
Instructors Profiles
Lee Douglas - Academy Director
My martial arts training started with Judo at the age of 9, where I later qualified as a British Judo Association coach. Expanding into Ju Jitsu, I wanted to keep competing and started full contact Kickboxing via Nippon Kempo (Japanese Boxing). For a number of years I represented England and competed around Europe as the British Team Captain.

I started my Karate tutelage in Wado Ryu Karate and later in Kickboxing in my early twenties. After touring internationally for a series of years competing, I retired from competition after amassing and defending scores of titles and trophies including "light heavy weight World Champion" with the WKA in Malta.


2 times World Kick Boxing champion (WKA/IKKC)
European Kempo Silver Medalist (FENKA)
Combat Open British Kickboxing Champion
British Kick Jitsu Champion (WKA)
British Kickboxing Champion (WKA)
Northern Sport Ju Jitsu Champion
North West Judo Champion (BJA)

My specialty is self defence and I'm a licensed Krav Maga instructor, trained by Israel's finest. Security Cleared for corporate work.
When I'm not teaching, I still enjoy training and I'm working on developing my knowledge of speed, agility and quickness training in combat sports.
For Private Lesson information call: (01253) 985601
Gill Reid - Academy Director
Gill is a professional in child supervision.

Qualified to NVQ Level 3 in early years education. Gill continues her academic and professional career within this field. Gill is also certified in early years first aid.

Gill started her martial arts career in Iaido (Way of the Sword). She continued this relationship with weaponry and has competed internationally with weapons in Kentucky and Holland where she won a silver medal. In addition to her weaponry training, Gill has studied Ninjitsu, Kempo, Kickboxing and Wado Ryu Karate. Furthermore, Gill is a qualified self defence instructor.


Gill enjoys teaching and training. As part of Gill's mission to provide the best in martial arts tuition. Gill train's with the leading martial artists in their fields (Tommy Thompson in the picture) to ensure she is up to date with all the latest in teaching techniques and concepts.

When I'm not teaching, I still enjoy training and I'm working on a new form for competing with this year.
For Private Lesson information call: (01253) 985601
Dale Noble - Programme Director
Dale Noble could be the most successful martial artist to have come from this area. He has won almost every major competition in the world and is still competing today.

All the instructors at the club are very experienced coaches. However, Dale has his own teaching style that is safe, fun and guaranteed to give you incredible benefits in learning in the fastest time.

Dale has been there and won it. Not enough space on this site to list every trophy that Dale has won...

Dale enjoys XMA and Kickboxing. He has trained in Kickboxing, Gymnastics, XMA, Ju Jitsu, Kobudo and appeared in a number of films. In the summer, you may catch Dale on the beach or the park practicing martial arts tricks.

Dale runs gatherings and workshops in points fighting, XMA and weaponry. Check the events pages for details.
When I'm not teaching, I still enjoy training and I'm working on a new form with more tricks for competing with this year.
For Private Lesson information call: (01253) 985601
Gareth Stubbs - Programme Director
Gareth is an experienced martial arts instructor specialised in kobudo.

For Private Lesson information call: (01253) 985601
A 'very' old picture of Lee, Gill, Gaz and Dale (when he was shorter than me) competing in Holland.
Patricia Shaw
Trish helps out a lot in the classes and is part of the instructor team at Blackpool Karate. Trish is a qualified nutritionist and will often be found assisting other members of the club.

SITE MAP Blackpool School of martial arts with martial arts Blackpool information. Whether you are looking for Karate Lessons, Kickboxing classes, Ju Jitsu or another style of Martial Arts in Blackpool, lytham st annes ymca martial arts, Preston, Poulton, Cleveleys, Bispham, Kirkham, Thornton, Norbreck, Marton or Fleetwood. The Blackpool Karate School has classes and seminars to suit most ages. From the latest tactics in Self-Defence to Beat the Bully Work Shops. The Blackpool Karate and Kickboxing club features access to some of the greatest names in martial arts today! With world champion Kickboxing instruction to Wrestling Seminars, you'll learn martial arts in a modern martial arts environment with the Blackpool martial arts team.