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Aikido History from the Blackpool Karate School: I've been asked at the club "What is Aikido" ? To provide a rounded answer to this question, I decided to research the history and write my findings within this article. Whilst researching for this paper, I noted that the following statement was repeated in many texts and journals, namely that "...There are still insufficient areas of data regarding the history of aikido". Thus the following is a brief outline of what has been documented about Aikido. It is not a conclusive history of Aikido and feedback is welcome on dates and names within the Aikido article.

The following is based on a chapter in "Dynamic Aikido" by Gozo Shioda. It comments that present day Aikido has its roots in Diato Aiki Jitsu, founded by Prince Teijun, the sixth son of the emperor Seiwa (850-880 AD). The art was passed on to generations of the family, until the foundations of present day Aikido had been laid.
"The way of divine harmony"

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Aikido is a defensive martial art which teach how to react to an attack by throwing or subduing the aggressor through the application of pressure to vital points or joints.
The founder of Aikido, was called Morihei Ueshiba and he was born on December 14th, 1883, to a farming family in an area of the Wakayama Prefecture now known as Tanabe. He was one of five children and the only son. Morihei was commented to be a weak and sickly child. This led to his preference for indoor activities like reading. However, he enjoyed the miraculous legends of the wonder-working saints 'En no Gyoja' and 'Kobo Daishi', and was fascinated by the esoteric Buddhist rituals. This influenced his decision to begin training in the martial arts.
Moriehei Ueshiba became a student of Sokau Takeda. Sokaku taught over 30'000 students his system of Daito Ryu aiki jitsu, and only about 20 of these students held menkyo (teacher's license), among these was Moreihei Ueshiba, Finn (1988).

Moreihei Ueshiba, combined techniques learned at the Daito Ryu School, with those of his own and other martial arts to eventually devise modern Aikido.

Both Judo and Aikido have their origin in Jiu Jitsu. However, training in Aikido differs from training in many of the other Japanese martial arts. Like Kano, Ueshiba saw obvious problems in propagating a combat-oriented art and decided that the higher ideals or martial way or 'do' were better suited to twentieth-century Japanese society. Thus in 1938 he began to teach his new 'way of divine harmony' Reid & Croucher (1983).
Founder of Aikido, Moreihei Ueshiba
Morehei Ueshiba 1883-1969
Founder of Aikido
Within Aikido, it is considered important, that there is an understanding of the underlying philosophy, utilising adepts to master the mind, develop the character, and cultivate to a high degree the art of living in harmony with everyday circumstances. Thereby unifying the mind, body and ki,Peter Lewis (1985).
The techniques of Aikido are all based upon reaction to an attack. They involve arm and leg motions, that are mostly in a circular pattern. Thereby turning an opponents movements to ones advantage. This is frequently seen through various evasive techniques, or the precisely timed application of pressure to the vital points of an attacker. Some martial artists consider, that Aikido is altogether reminiscent of the internal schools of the Chinese martial arts, Reid & Croucher (1983).
Kansetsu Waza
The author is constantly seeking to further develop his knowledge of martial arts. In a recent seminar in Shindo Yoshin Ryu Ju Jitsu, the author was able to experience principles which add value to his understanding of Wado Ryu. Many of these principles cross over with those taught in some schools of Aikido. Thus, the author considers it important to have an appreciation of other martial arts where possible, as this can further enhance your understanding of the art in which you practise. This was a philosophy passed down from the authors instructor's, whereby an instructor should respect his students and teach the whole art openly and honestly. Similarly the author hopes that his students will continue to expand their horizons, and further experience 'the way' of martial arts.
Martial Arts a complete Illustrated History, Michael Finn (1985)
Dynamic Aikido, Gozo Shioda (1977)
The way of the warrior (The paradox of the martial arts) Howard Reid & Michael Croucher (1983)
Martial Arts of the Orient, Peter Lewis (1985)
Purple Dragons, our martial art class for children under 6. Based on 5 traditional animals from the orient.

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